BeOnTime TRAVELER is your personal assistant when you want to save some time. See the real-time position of busses, trams and trollebuses. Or if you are in a hurry, let us plan your route, with our algorithms you will never be late again.

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BeOnTime Line is a solution for city planners, designers and much more. See where are the bottlenecks of your city traffic, how loaded the busses are or which route they are taking. Real-time data, made simple.

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BeOnTime is a solution that offers real time routing suggestions for public transport, relevant analytics data, smart targeted marketing. Therefor, it improves waiting time, passenger flow and overall quality of public transport

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Smart tracking

With smart hardware placed in every bus, we offer real-time tracking of public transport and time estimations based on your current position so you will know exactly when to leave a place to reach the bus in time!

Up to date

We use the latest technologies to provide a responsive and powerful application while also keeping it simple, secure and fresh.

Simple, yet complex

You can use the tracking functions, or you can take a look at our analytics data, which compiles information about how effective public trasnport is, how loaded the buses were and where the problems are.

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